Topic outline

  • Environments

    The GoodX software product consists of a database with two different software applications/front-ends (currently with different capabilities), namely the Web App OR the Desktop App. Clients can either use the Web App or the Desktop App or they can choose to use a hybrid of both, depending on the roles users fulfil in the practice. An example would be that receptionists and practitioners use the Web App to manage the diary, do billing and use the clinical component of the software. Stock controllers and bookkeepers would use the Desktop App to complete their tasks.

    The database can be installed on two types of hosting environments, namely a local server or the GoodX cloud server. Clients who want to use the Web App must host their database on the GoodX cloud and use Chrome as their Internet browser.

    To access the GoodX Cloud, an RDP must be configured on the client's computer. Click on the link below to install your RDP and follow the instructions provided.

    To learn more about GoodX Software's IT security, click on the Data Management book on the bookcase on the home page.

  • Logins

    GoodX provides clients with different login details for access to the software and training material, namely:

    1. Web App login - one per user
    2. Cloud RDP login - one per user
    3. Desktop App login - one per user
    4. Learning Centre login - one per practice
    5. Client Portal login - one per user

    Read below for how to log into the different systems:

  • The Client Portal

  • Training, Evaluation & Attendance Certificate Request

  • Odoo Dev Requests