Best Practice Guidelines: Healthcare Practice Management & POPIA Compliance Framework

Best Practice Guidelines: Healthcare Practice Management

POPIA Compliance Framework

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4. Introduction to Critical Business Processes

4.3. The myGC Patient App & grandXchange Practitioners Portal

The purpose of the myGC Patient App

The myGrandCentral (myGC) Patient Portal is a web and mobile application which is integrated into GoodX. The application makes doctor-patient administration a paperless and pleasant experience.

Features available in myGC

  • Paperless information sharing (eg e-scripts & sick notes)
  • Telemedicine consultations (Web App)
  • Online bookings
  • Online patient payments
  • Patient protocols (Web App)
The medical practice is connected to myGC via the GoodX Web or Desktop Apps.

Patients are connected via the web and mobile apps. To register a profile on myGC, visit


Kiosks give patients control over their data, as required by the POPI Act.

It allows patients to digitally

  • capture their information
  • update their information
  • sign consent forms
  • complete questionnaires.

This gives the practice the ability to comply with the POPI Act requirements that patient data needs to be correct and available to patients.

Kiosks can be wall mounted, desk mounted or stand mounted.

ID and medical aid cards can be photographed by patients and imported and facial recognition gives the practice the opportunity to identify patients so that correct patient files will be made available to practitioners.

All patient information can be imported into GoodX by the practice, which makes the whole file opening process paperless.

The purpose of grandXchange

grandXchange is a data exchange functionality for practitioners to

  1. share theatre lists & operation details for shared procedures: the surgeon(s) and aneasthesiologist(s) will be able to share data based on a shared theatre list
  2. send electronic referral letters
  3. receive feedback after referrals.

The functionality is available to

  1. practitioners who work on the GoodX Web App to be able to share data with other practitioners who do not have GoodX Web App; and
  2. practitioners who both work on the GoodX Web App so that they can sync data through grandXchange and work directly on their GoodX Web Apps.

Capturing data on grandXchange does not create debtors in any Practice Management Application, but creates a shared knowledge base for practitioners who are involved in shared procedures. Medical debtors can be opened in the software based on shared information.

Peri-Operative Management via grandXchange

Specialists have the ability with GoodX Web and grandXchange to manage operations and the whole process prior to the operation and afterwards. Information can be shared between practitioners who work on GoodX and those who don't. This diagram illustrates the workflow before, during and after operations:

For further information, see the book on Peri-Operative Management in the online Learning Centre - navigate to the Advanced unit on the book case > Peri-Operative Management book.