Best Practice Guidelines: Healthcare Practice Management & POPIA Compliance Framework

Best Practice Guidelines: Healthcare Practice Management

POPIA Compliance Framework

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13. Receipting: Roles & Purpose

Responsible Roles

Check the cash and card reconciliations every day. Make sure the correct personnel are responsible for banking the cash. Allocate the correct cash to the petty cash if the cash is used for day-to-day expenses. When a reconciliation is not complete or does not reconcile, the discrepancy must be investigated. Ensure that all ERAs were posted and are balancing with the bank account.

Receive all Patient payments: card and cash. The Cashier must allocate the payments to the correct accounts and print receipts for the patients where required. All cash and card payments must be reconciled every day. Bank the cash that was received for a certain period. When cash is used for day-to-day expenses, the cash must be given to the Practice Manager and allocated to the Petty Cash cash book before it is used for day-to-day expenses.

Allocate EFT payments to the correct patient accounts. ERAs must be posted on a daily basis but only when the amount is visible on the practice’s bank statements. ERAs that have not yet been received into the bank account of the practice, should not be posted, otherwise, there is no reminder to follow up on payments with Medical Aids that have not paid.

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Purpose of Receipting

Receipting is the function used to allocate payments made by Patients and/or Medical Aids.

There are three types of receipts, namely Patient Receipts (private payments), Medical Aid Receipts (remittance advice to be captured by hand) and Electronic Remittance Advices (ERAs) (remittance advice received electronically from Medical Aids and imported into the software). A patient’s account can reflect both Patient Outstanding and Medical Aid Outstanding amounts.

The function to be used in the software to capture receipts will depend on whether the patient or the Medical Aid makes the payment.