Best Practice Guidelines: Healthcare Practice Management & POPIA Compliance Framework

Best Practice Guidelines: Healthcare Practice Management

POPIA Compliance Framework

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7. Appointments: Roles & Purpose

Responsible Roles

Ensure that all his/her day's planning is on the electronic diary so that reception can manage the expectations of patients.
Check the waiting room and manage the time per appointment with each patient. Inform the practice manager if some appointments must be postponed.

Ensure that all information is on the diary so that anyone can manage the day to day bookings regardless of the availability of specific personnel. 

Complete all bookings for prior telephonic appointments, walk-in patients and online bookings. Manage all changes in bookings. Move, extend and cancel appointments. When appointments are cancelled, ensure that the Waiting List is managed (Desktop App only). Ensure all demographic information is correct and up to date. Compile the theatre list and schedule patients on the theatre list and complete all pertinent information. 

Collection stage:

  • Information quality

Compliance continuity stage:

  • Confidentiality measures

Purpose of Appointments

  • GoodX Software has an integrated diary available for practitioners to assist them with making appointments and managing their daily routine in order to promote excellent health care and to manage the practice to the fullest potential.
  • Taking and maintaining control of the medical practice schedule has a larger positive impact on resource utilisation, profitability and the general satisfaction of patients, physicians, and staff than almost any other function.
  • Maintaining the medical practice diary effectively will reduce stress and profit losses in the practice.
  • The diary is not just used for booking patient appointments, but also to organise the practitioner's day e.g. lunchtimes, hospital rounds, seeing representatives etc.
  • The number one tip for maintaining the diary is staying on schedule.
  • Booking appointments on the diary enables the practice to draw various statistical reports to ensure that all patient visits have been billed.