Best Practice Guidelines: Healthcare Practice Management & POPIA Compliance Framework

Best Practice Guidelines: Healthcare Practice Management

POPIA Compliance Framework

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15. Debt Management: Roles & Purpose

15.1. The Planning Process

To ensure successful Debt management some processes must be in place in the practice. The practice manager, bookkeeper and credit controller can decide on the following procedures that must be followed by the credit controller:

Business process design

The business needs to decide on the process that must be followed for Debt collection, for example:

  1. When and who are allowed to post journals
  2. The correct collection cycles and steps that need to be done
  3. Must the cycles work from Capture date or Transactions date
  4. Person/Persons responsible for each cycle
  5. Credit controller per Age or per Medical Aid layout, will the outstanding amounts be divided between the credit controllers by Medical aids or per age on how long the amount is outstanding. One person can be responsible for the total outstanding book.
  6. Decide what SMS, emails, front page and final demands you want to use with each step and set it up beforehand.
  7. How long the account will be outstanding before handover
  8. Will the practice do handovers to the attorneys and who the attorneys are

Example of important steps and messages that can be used:

  1. Every patient should receive an account after discharge or treatment at the final billing stage of the account.
  2. Within the first week after every month-end all unpaid accounts on the GoodX system needs to be printed and posted/e-mailed to patients:
  3. For all accounts in 30 days and older, there should be a message on the account stating the following.  “This account is now considerably overdue, urgently follow up with your medical aid. We have no alternative but to hold you responsible for the payment of this account if it is not paid in full by your Medical Aid within the next 15 days. 
  4. For accounts where the medical aid short-paid, the following message should appear on the accounts:  “Your medical aid did not pay your account in full. Please settle the balance within the next 15 days.

Collection Cycles

Collection cycles are the time frames that are decided on when a certain action must take place from the service or transaction date, for example:

  • 10 days outstanding - SMS must be sent
  • 15 days outstanding - SMS must be sent
  • 20 days outstanding - EMAIL must be sent with the statement 
  • 25 days outstanding - Phone call must be made
  • 30 days outstanding - Phone call, SMS and Email
  • 40 days outstanding - Final Demand
  • 45 days outstanding - Handover


GoodX can assist in the configuration of the setup that must be followed by the practice to ensure correct Debt management. Configuration can also be part of the working process. If the practice notices that the process is not working as planned and they can adjust it.

Credit Control Assistant (CCA)

  • In a medical practice, providing comprehensive healthcare to people is not the only important function that takes place. An equally important function, which has an effect on the financial survival of a practice if not managed efficiently, is the effective control and administration of patient accounts. 
  • GoodX's Credit Control Assistant assists the practice to manage the business processes within the practice that are associated with the collection of outstanding debt from Medical Aids and / or patients. 
  • The function will be used for assisting in Credit control / Debt collection. SMS, Emails and cycle steps are pre-defined. 
  • The CCA keeps all communication in connection with the account of the patient between patient / medical aid and practice.