Best Practice Guidelines: Healthcare Practice Management & POPIA Compliance Framework

Best Practice Guidelines: Healthcare Practice Management

POPIA Compliance Framework

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14. Receipt Corrections: Roles & Purpose

14.1. Receipt Corrections Business Processes

The Receipt Written Back Function

When posting receipts, there are two types of errors that can occur: 

The details of the payment and/or the debtor can be captured incorrectly

The payment can be linked to the incorrect invoice.

Erroneous receipts must be written back so that it will amend the practice’s turnover cash flow in the software. When a receipt was captured incorrectly, the Receipt Written Back function must be used to cancel the incorrect receipt so that the correct receipt can be captured.

The Receipt Written Back function is used when a receipt was captured incorrectly. The account will be adjusted with a positive amount to cancel the original/incorrect receipt.

This will also correct the cash books and the cash flow.

Link Unlinked Receipts / Amend Linking

The Unlinked Receipt line/column in the receipt screen was designed for patients who pay for services and stock in advance. Eg practices that take deposits before private patients visit the Practitioner, will post receipts without the ability to link them to the invoices that will only be created after the consultations.

If a receipt is not linked to its corresponding invoice, the account will show both a debit and a credit after billing and receipting was done and reports will show the invoice as outstanding.

The age analysis will also then show the debit and credit and if the practice does not draw the age analysis for both debits and credits, a wrong debt collection message could be sent to the debtor, resulting in embarrassment to the practice.

To correct this situation, all unlinked receipts must regularly be linked to their corresponding invoices. The invoices will then be marked as paid.

If a receipt was linked to the wrong invoice, the linking must be corrected.

Desktop App - A Zero Receipt OR the Autolink button will be used to link the unlinked receipt. This will ensure that the cash flow does not increase when the receipt is linked to the correct invoice.

Web App - Will auto-link the invoice to the unlinked receipt if the amounts are the same as on the receipt and the invoice.